• Parque Natural
    de Urbasa y Andía

  • Nacedero del Urederra

  • Parque Natural
    de Urbasa y Andía

  • Monasterio de Iranzu

  • Estella

  • Sierra de San Donato

  • Embalse de Alloz

San Martín de Améscoa

The beautiful Valley of Améscoa, known for its gastronomy and its cheese, is situated between the mountain ranges of Urbasa and Loquiz. There, you will see the Nature Reserve of Source of the River Urederra (one of the best preserved natural sites of Navarre). In this small village (with 90 inhabitants) you will find a covered fronton and a church of Gothic-Renaissance style, dating from the 16th century. It is the perfect place to rest and relax, since it is surrounded by nature and majestic mountains. 

Valley of Améscoa and surroundings

The closest tourist attraction is, undoubtedly, the fascinating Source of Urederra. There is a first waterfall (100 metres) which has modelled a breathtaking rocky amphitheatre. After this one, you will see other waterfalls and pools. The Source is in the Natural Park of Urbasa Andía, with impressive landscapes, where you will see cows, horses and sheeps, which provide the famous cheese of Urbasa. There, you can also enjoy the beautiful paths and outdoor sports. 

Towards the West, there is Sierra de Codés, a range of mountains where a Marian Sanctuary dominates the Valley of Aguilar. To the East, there is the remarkable Monastery of Irantzy (with a beautiful cloister) and the Reservoir of Alloz, where you will find several bathing areas in which you could practice water sports. In the South, there is the town of Estella, with a remarkable historical-artistic heritage, and a crucial point on the Navarrese section of the Camino de Santiago (Way of St. James). From there, you can follow the pilgrimage route towards La Rioja, stopping at the Monastery of Irache, the Castle of Monjardín, and the Churches of Los Arcos, Torres del Río and Viana. You can also walk towards Pamplona, visiting the villages of Cirauqui and Puente de la Reina (with the Church of Crucifijo and Santiago, and the magnificent Medieval bridge), as well as the octagonal Hermitage of Eunate.

And if you want to enjoy the best grilled meat and fish, we recommend you to visit the restaurant el Restaurante Alai Taberna.

Places to visit

Source of the river Urederra

| 5 km away |

This wonderful spring, where the river Urederra is born, is a hidden site surrounded by limestone walls, the typical stone of Sierra de Urbasa and the forests around. It is a breathtaking place and, besides, a Nature Reserve with waterfalls.

Cloister of Estella-Lizarra

| 16 km away|

The Romanesque cloister is one of the most visited places of Estella-Lizarra. The church has a Romanesque façade with lobes. There are other Romanesque churches, such as Santo Sepulcro and San Miguel. Estella is a key point on the Camino de Santiago.

Monastery of Iratxe

| 20 km away|

Throughout history, it has been used for several purposes: a Pilgrim's Hospital, a University, a Military Hospital, and a Religious School. All the pilgrims of the Camino de Santiago stop here. 

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